Pierre-Louis de Laporte

Born in 1997, Pierre-Louis de Laporte began his music studies at a young age with violin lessons and choir singing. In 2008 he joined the Greater Paris Children’s Choir conducted by Francis Bardot. He was the Choir’s soprano soloist until 2012 when he joined the Greater Paris Young Choir in 2013.


While continuing to study the violin with Caroline Damas Cervera at the  CRR in Paris (regional conservatory of music), in 2012, he began studying Choir Conducting with Christine Morel and Orchestra Conducting with Adrian McDonnel.

After obtaining a DEM (Diploma of Music Studies) in musical theory and in Choir Conducting at the CRR in Paris, in 2015 he was admitted to the National Conservatory of Music of Lyon (CNSM), where he is now pursuing his Choir Conducting studies with Nicole Corti.
Pierre Louis has been conducting the Orchestra of Senior Schools of Lyon since 2015, and has been assisting Francis Bardot in conducting the Greater Paris Young Choir since 2013.
He continues to play the violin both in an orchestra and as a soloist and in parallel he is pursuing a degree in Sciences at the University of Pierre et Marie Curie.